Roll-Her Kitty #7

Introducing Roll-her Kitty, #7

Photo Credit Jason Santti
Photo Credit Jason Santti

Q. Why did you start LOLRD?
A. I, along with a group of other veteran skaters, started LOLRD because we were skating with a league that was no longer meeting our derby needs. We were all to the point that we didn’t want derby to rule our lives anymore but couldn’t fathom not skating competitively. We decided to take all the things we loved about derby and created a league around those things in a balanced way. Our vision was to be the league veterans could go to instead of retire, new skaters could join and learn from our tenure and most importantly have fun together. We pride ourselves in being fair and being good sports whether we win or lose.

Q. Do you have any hidden talents?
A. I don’t have any hidden talents that I can think of. (Answer by Hera Ticked: Have you seen Kitty work out? She’ll kick your ass!)

Q. What is your favorite derby position and why?
A. My favorite position is when I’m on the track. When I started playing I loved jamming but it has slowly changed to a love for blocking.

Q. Who is a source of inspiration for you and why?
A. NOS was my first and will always be an inspiration to me. I used to watch her skate and try to mimic how she held herself especially when jamming. She has also taught me so many skills that has made me the skater I am today. Mel Pfister has also been a big inspiration and mentor in the second half of my derby life. She’s an amazing teacher and strong as fuck.

Q. I haven’t met a person who dislikes you. Why is that? Am I hanging around the wrong people? But really, a lot of people look up to you. What qualities does it take to be a leader like you?
A. I’m not sure how to answer this question because there are people that don’t like me, you just run with the right crowd. To me a leader is someone that is there to guide the team toward a common goal, not in front of them with all the answers or authority but at their side, with their support and collaboration. People like to be appreciated, respected and treated fairly. That should be a no brainer. I can’t speak for others and why they look up to me but that’s what I look for in a leader.

Thank you Kitty! LOL HA HA HA!