Introducing Jammy Dodger, #11

Introducing Jammy Dodger, #11

Introducing Jammy Dodger, #11

Q. How long have you been skating and why did you join roller derby?
A. I started three years ago, but I took six months off due to a broken ankle. (And yes, that was from roller derby.) I just always thought derby looked cool, and though I was completely un-athletic, I loved skating when I was a kid. I was also struggling with the loss of identity that comes from motherhood, and I needed to find something that was just for ME.

Q. How has skating made you a better mother?
A. See above! Now I feel less like strangling the little critters. This kind of exercise has no peer for alleviating stress and frustration. One thing that really surprised me was how great it feels to be part of a team—I’d never been on any kind of team before! Now I try to get my family to operate like a little team and support each other the way my derby sisters do.

Q. You’re always posting yummy dishes you make. What is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen and when are you coming to my house?
A. To be honest, my husband does almost all the cooking. I just get in there for the things I am craving, like tonkatsu ramen and chile verde pork. The hallmark of my cooking is essentially “There’s something going bad in the fridge,” so I have to use it up. And I will happily trade cooking for cute baby snuggles!

Q. What can spectators come to expect from you out on the track? Do you have a signature move?
A. Besides falling down a lot? (I like to think I am the skater that people can relate to, like, “Hey, if she’s doing it, I could.” And you know what? YOU CAN!) I do like blocking with my derby wife, Decks-Her Morgan, because we have a move to trap the jammer we call the Jammy-Decks Sammich. As she likes to say, 60% of the time, it works every time.

Q. What do you have to say to haters, especially those who are skeptical of roller derby?
A. I try to pat them on the head like a paternalistic uncle and say, “There, there. You just don’t understand.” Truly, there is a such a misperception of what modern roller derby is, so I try to educate people.

Thank you Jammy! Photo by Void Pointer.

Jammy Dodger
Jammy Dodger of Ladies of the Lake Roller Derby. Photo by Void Pointer